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Flywell International Corp was founded in 1985 by Richard Hsu in Taipei, Taiwan. From a 250-sqaure ft. office and 2 desks to professional production, sales, marketing, and administrative departments, Flywell International Corp has consistently experienced strong growth by the impressive expertise in integrating supply chain in Taiwan for global customers. Richard named the company Flywell, flying the business well across borders. In the 30 years, our well received outdoor accessories, display fixtures, and shelving systems have been delivered to over 20 countries and millions people in the world.

Wood Displays Taiwan Manufacturer | Flywell Corp.

Flywell International Corp., located in Taiwan, dedicated to Hardware & Metal Products industry. We are the experienced Wood Displays Taiwan Manufacturer | Flywell Corp.. Here are detailed information of Wood Displays. We invite you to kindly have a look at our various products & categories. We are sure that if you are looking for manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan, it is a good choice to get associated with us and receive best services.
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Looking for more traditional-looking storage units? Want to decorate your store in cottage style? Nothing better and easier to build an old-fashioned store than having wooden store displays. Flywell provides a wide line of wooden display racks and slatwall fixtures, which can present an elegant modern atmosphere based on various design and color.

Elegant, classic, versatile display tower cases.


4-Way Cube White Slatwall Tower

  • Show off jewelry, accessories, clothing and other items with Flywell's white slatwall display tower.
  • This display tower is easy to move because of its rolling base.
  • The finish color of this slatwall display can be changed by using different PVC veneer.
  • It allows you to display your merchandises on all 4 sides, making good use of the space in your store.
  • FL01860237

    Square Maple Slatwall Display Stand

  • Create an eye-catching display for your customers with the help of our maple slatwall display stand.
  • Available in white, black and maple, different colors adapt to various style and decoration of the retail stores.
  • Each panel measures 24 inches wide and 48 inches long, offering plenty of space for holding your merchandises.
  • In addition, this slatwall display stand won’t take up too much of your retail space, occupying a floor space of only 2 feet by 2 feet.
  • FL01860360

    Rolling Black Slatwall Floor Displays

  • With four 24" wide and 48" long panels, Flywell's rolling black slatwall floor displays offer ample space for holding your products.
  • These rolling slatwall displays are made of MDF panels with smooth PVC veneer, making them great additions to any retail space.
  • Four edge-banding bars, connecting four slatwall panels, are designed due to the aesthetically pleasing and safety concern.
  • FL01860214

    Triangle Retail Slatwall Display Fixtures

  • Great for displaying clothes, souvenirs and other items of all sizes and shapes.
  • Flywell's retail slatwall display fixtures come with attractive white PVC finish and three sided panels, providing a practical merchandising solution.
  • You can also pair these triangle slatwall fixtures with multiple slatwall accessories to maximize the promotion.
  • FL01860215

    4 Sided Retail Slatwall Gondola

  • Add a rustic-inspired accent to your store décor with Flywell's retail slat wall shelving system.
  • This slat wall shelving allows you to display your items on all four sides and create an aesthetically pleasing exhibit, helping you generate more sales.
  • With a variety of accessories, this slat wall shelving system keeps your merchandise visible and easy to access.
  • FL01860183

    4 Way Slatwall Display Gondola

  • Instantly attract shoppers from all angles of your store with our retail store slat board shelving.
  • Each set includes 4 panels, 8 shelves with brackets and a base.
  • Constructed of medium-density fiberboard and covered by PVC veneer, our slat board shelving accommodates a variety of accessories, keeping your merchandise visible and easy to access.
  • In addition, with four sided display, this retail store shelving let your customers shop at their convenience.
  • FL01860182

    White Wood Slatwall Gondola Shelving

  • Use Flywell's wood slatwall gondola shelving to create eye-catching display in your retail space.
  • Featuring four sides of display areas, this gondola shelving offers plenty of room to hold your merchandises.
  • Available in PVC colors of black, white and maple, our slatwall gondola match most kinds of interior decoration and store fixtures.
  • On the bottom of the base are four pieces of casters, giving this wood gondola shelving mobility.
  • FL01860230

    Maple Slatwall Gondola H-Unit

  • With beautiful maple finish, Flywell's Maple Slatwall Gondola H-Unit can blend seamlessly with any of your store fixtures.
  • Featuring four sides of display areas, the gondola rack have your merchandises easy to access and to see from all directions at your shops.
  • Our gondola display is designed for an easy assembly.
  • It also can be dismantled and put away in a quick manner.
  • This store gondola is a practical display solution for any retailers.
  • FL01860371

    Black Slatwall H Gondola Unit

  • Flywell's black retail slatwall gondola shelving unit comes in one 48" center panel and two 24" end panels, providing ample display areas for your products.
  • With a variety of accessories, this black shelving unit can hold the items of all sizes and shapes such as footwear, clothes, stationery, books and other packaged food.
  • Featuring included casters, our black gondola shelving is easy to move from room to room.
  • FL01860372

    Black H-Shaped Slatwall Fixture

  • Use Flywell's retail slatwall gondola display racks to showcase your merchandises more efficiently.
  • With 48"W x 48"H display areas on two-sided center panel, this retail display provides ample room to store your merchandises like footwear, clothes and more.
  • With 24"W x 42"H display areas on two end panels, our retail display racks create more versatility in your product display.
  • In addition, our slatwall gondola display is available in different colors like maple and white by changing the PVC veneer.
  • FL01868301

    Rustic Wooden Nesting Display Crates

  • Make a fabulous display with Flywell's rustic wooden nesting display crates.
  • Each set includes four pieces of rustic wooden crates.
  • The wooden display crates are made of solid pine wood, which can be easily stained or painted.
  • The set of the wooden nesting crates is 9" deep and from the large crate to the small one measure 18”, 15”, 12" and 9" square respectively.
  • FL01868304

    Wooden Bushel Basket Display Stands

  • Each set of the wooden display stand includes 4 pieces of wooden bushel baskets.
  • These basket display stands are made of pine wood.
  • They are easy to set up, move, and store.
  • Perfect for holding products in the supermarkets, farmers' markets and retail stores.

    3 Tier Rustic Wooden Ladder Shelf

  • Created as a lightweight yet durable made centerpiece, Flywell's rustic wooden ladder shelf provides ample space to show off your merchandises or collectibles such as trophies, medals, photos, books and more.
  • Our wooden ladder shelf can be painted in various kinds of color or be used in original unfinished wood color.
  • FL01868327

    3 Tiers Wooden A-Frame Shelf

  • Because of A-Frame shape, our wooden shelving units are popular and well recommended by lots of retailers.Made of natural unfinished pine, our wooden shop shelving can be stained or painted to fit existing shop or home décor.
  • Three pieces of wooden shelves can be put at any heights between the third wood strip from the top and the sixth wood strip from the bottom.
  • FL01868302

    Folding Pine Wooden Display Shelves

  • Featuring elegant folding panel design and classic wood appearance, our folding pine wooden display shelves are ideal for showcasing a variety of merchandise in a store, tradeshow or craft fair.
  • The shelf structure is constructed of unfinished pine wood and the shelves are made of MDF.
  • You can paint or stain our pine shelves to fit any store décor or you can simply use them in the natural and rustic state.
  • These folding wooden shelves are firmly connected by hinges.
  • The folding display shelves are flexible to unfold to showcase your products or fold for an easy storage.
  • FL01868332

    6-Shelf Wooden Retail Shelving Unit

  • Flywell's rustic wooden bakers with storage shelves are an efficient display solution for retailers.
  • It's easy to set up our wooden bakers rack. Just unfold the rustic bakers rack frame and place MDF shelves on it.
  • Measuring H70-1/2" x W34" x D,14-1/2" this bakers rack with 6 storage shelves has enough room to store your products.
  • Our wooden bakers rack can easily match your shop décor, since it has plain and smooth finish design, which can be easily painted or stained.
  • FL01868330

    Free Standing Wood Pegboard Display

  • For retailers, nice in-store impression is the key to gain customer loyalty and keep them coming back.
  • That’s why you need Flywell’s freestanding pegboard display stand.
  • Combining functionality and natural wood appearance, our freestanding pegboard display is a perfect way to showcase your merchandises with ease.
  • Composed of four MDF panels framed by pine wood, this pegboard display provides durability and versatility.
  • Firmly hinged together, four panels can be unfolded and stand like a screen or built in a square tower by adding the cover and the base.
  • FL01868328

    Pegboard Retail Display Folding Screen

  • Because of its versatile display and functionality, pegboard retail display folding screen springs to mind immediately when it comes to picking up the store display.
  • In addition, our pegboard folding screen can be an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece in your stores by creatively and appropriately allocating your products on the pegboard display panels.
  • Comprised of four panels, which are made of MDF, consolidated with pine frame and connected by metal hinges, our pegboard retail display can be used as a screen or folded into a square tower by adding the cover and the base.

    4 Sided Wooden Pegboard Tower

  • Add a rustic accent to your retail stores by having folding pegboard storage shelves.
  • Made of MDF panels framed with pine wood, our pegboard shelves provide durability and great solution for merchandising
  • Housing a variety of accessories, our pegboard storage shelves can hold different kinds of product
  • By inserting additional wood boards have your products directly presented to your customers.
  • FLFYUG-201807

    3 Tier Wood Corner Retail Display Shelf

  • Add Flywell's folding corner shelf unit to your store to show off your merchandises in tiers and style
  • Our corner shelf has 3 shelves that fit seamlessly in any corner to help utilize room space
  • Its wood frame base provides great support and securely holds all items you put on
  • Natural wood finish makes this folding shelf unit blend easily with any decoration
  • Foldable design is made for effortless transport and storage
  • Try our folding corner shelf to make your display no longer dull but attractive!


    Pegboard Room Divider w/ 3 Display Shelves

  • Selling various kinds of the products might bring you some troubles to choose an appropriate shelving, which can perfectly fit your store décor and accommodate all kinds your product.
  • Flywell's new style of the freestanding pegboard rack, combining the old pegboard stand with wood board, must lead you to find the best solution for such annoying problems.
  • Same as old style, our pegboard rack can be built in many ways to fit any room or any retail space.
  • Adding additional wood boards to this pegboard rack creates more display space and enables this wood display rack to hold various styles of item.
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