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Flywell International Corp was founded in 1985 by Richard Hsu in Taipei, Taiwan. From a 250-sqaure ft. office and 2 desks to professional production, sales, marketing, and administrative departments, Flywell International Corp has consistently experienced strong growth by the impressive expertise in integrating supply chain in Taiwan for global customers. Richard named the company Flywell, flying the business well across borders. In the 30 years, our well received outdoor accessories, display fixtures, and shelving systems have been delivered to over 20 countries and millions people in the world.

Display Racks Taiwan Manufacturer | Flywell Corp.

Flywell International Corp., located in Taiwan, dedicated to Hardware & Metal Products industry. We are the experienced Display Racks Taiwan Manufacturer | Flywell Corp.. Here are detailed information of Display Racks. We invite you to kindly have a look at our various products & categories. We are sure that if you are looking for manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan, it is a good choice to get associated with us and receive best services.
Display Racks Manufacturer

Use Flywell's merchandise display racks to create both functional and appealing exhibit. The merchandise racks allow shoppers conveniently access to your products. Various styles of metal display stands match any shop décor and fit any limited space in your store.

Simple and easy to organize commodities, publications, clothing and more


2 Tier Wire Countertop Spinner Rack

  • Display keychains or small packaged items, such as candies, cookies, and more, with Flywell's wire countertop spinner display rack.
  • Coming in white finish, the coutertop display rack features 2 rotating tiers with 4 U-shaped hangers on each tier.
  • There is also a sign holder on the top of the countertop spinner rack.
  • FL01860190

    2 Tier Hanging Counter Spinner Rack

  • Made of galvanized steel, our tabletop spinning display rack is usually used as point of purchase fixture.
  • Six peg hooks on each tier allow you to hang smaller items such as keychain, hair accessories and candies.
  • Above the spinning display rack is a coil sign holder to advertise in your own personal way.
  • FL01015074

    4 Tier Floor Spinner Display Rack

  • Flywell's 4 tier wire rotating display rack helps you keep your merchandises orderly displayed and better promote them at any retail space of your store.
  • Our rotating display rack has four tiers and each tier is equipped with twelve 5" long pegs.
  • The base of the rotating rack can be folded for easy storage and shipping.
  • FL01860108

    4 Tier Floor Spinner Rack w/24 Pegs

  • Flywell's wire rotating display stand features four tiers with six 6" long pegs on each tier.
  • Our rotating display stand can be set up without any tool required.
  • Each tier of the wire stand is supported and fixed on the pole by included cotter pins.
  • The base of the rotating stand can be easily folded for quick storage and shipping.
  • FL01860314

    4-Basket Dump Bin Spinner Floor Display

  • Use Flywell's wire spinner rack shelving with four open baskets to keep your merchandises visible and easy to access at any retail space of your store.
  • This spinner rack measures 22" diameter x 63" high.
  • Above the wire spinner is a convenient sign holder, which allow you to advertise in your own personal way.
  • Basket shaped tiers allow this wire rack shelving to accommodate a variety of products that failed to be hung.
  • FL02048PPR

    6 Tier Square Hanging Floor Spinner Rack

  • Flywell's wire spinner display stand features totally 48 U-shaped hangers, creating more display space for a variety of hanging merchandise.
  • We have wire display stand with single base and dual base available.
  • This display stand is durable and keeps your items easy to access.
  • FL02072PPR

    4 Sided Hanging Floor Spinner Rack

  • Flywell's metal floor spinner display rack comes with eye-catching white finish, ideal for holding socks, keychains, hair accessories and other hanging items.
  • Made of durable steel, the metal rack includes a base, allowing this floor spinner display rack to stand firmly on the ground while show off your important merchandises.
  • FL01816138

    6-Tier Black Wire Countertop Rack

  • With open shelf design, Flywell's wire magazine display rack help your products orderly displayed in its 6 rows of 2-1/2" deep pocket.
  • The wire magazine rack can be folded or unfolded for quick set-up and compact storage.
  • Because of the glossy black finish and contemporary design, this magazine display rack captures your customers attention in an easy and efficient way.
  • FL01860301

    10 Tier Wire Floor Literature Stand

  • Our metal floor standing magazine rack not only keeps your merchandise organized but also captures your customers attention with its modern design and glossy black finish.
  • There are 10 rows with 20 pockets in total for displaying books, magazines, newspapers and other publications.
  • Our floor magazine rack can be folded or unfolded for quick set-up and easy storage.
  • FLTYS-PR-9-W

    Wire Wall Mount Postcard Display Rack

  • Flywell's wire wall mount postcard rack is a great way to display cards sent from your family and friends or sold in the gift shops.
  • Our postcard rack mounts to wall or fit to pegboard panel.
  • This wall mount rack has nine pockets, which can store at least nine pieces of H4" x W6" cards.
  • FLTYS-PR-24-W

    Wall Mounted Wire Card Display Holder

  • Make a fabulous display on the wall with our wall mounted wire card holder.
  • With smart design, this wire card holder allows you to showcase your cards in both vertical and horizontal ways.
  • The wall card holder can be mounted to either walls or pegboards.
  • This wall mounted card holder comes in eye-catching white finish.
  • FLTYS-PR-15-B

    Wire Greeting Card Display Wall Rack

  • Use Flywell's greeting card display rack to orderly display your products in your stores.
  • Our greeting card display rack can hold H5" x W7" postcards in vertical way.
  • With black powder coating, our greeting card display can match various kinds of wall décor.
  • The card display rack fits to walls and pegboards.
  • FL016SSWB

    Stackable Wire Storage Basket Rack

  • Looking for handy and durable storage solution for your office, home or even retail store?
  • Give Flywell's stackable wire grocery basket rack a try.
  • By piling the storage wire baskets up, our stackable wire basket creates more space for storing office supplies, clothes, or displaying merchandises.
  • Working with wire divider, the wire basket rack keeps your item organized.
  • Our grocery basket rack features an open front design, allowing you or your customers for a quick access to everything put in the basket.
  • FL020WPD

    3 Tier Wire Floor Storage Display Stand

  • Flywell's free standing wire shelf comes with eye-catching white coating, great for placing in any retail store or showroom.
  • This white wire shelf provides ample room for holding a wide range of products like pillows, bed linen, clothes, toys and more.
  • The standing shelf unit has three tiers of wire shelves, which can be set up or removed without any tools required.
  • After removing the shelves, the free standing wire shelf can be folded for an compact and convenient storage.

    Double-sided Pegboard Display Stand

  • Two sided black metal pegboard display stands is mainly composed of two H24" x30" perforated steel panels.
  • Our metal pegboard stand has T-shaped legs and casters that allow this unit easily move around.
  • A variety of 1/4" hooks, baskets and other accessories tailor this black metal pegboard stand to every retailers’ merchandising requirements.
  • 18 gauge steel construction gives these metal display stands enough strength for holding tools or other heavy items.
  • FL01860137

    Round Folding Display Event Table

  • Flywell's round folding table is designed for displaying your merchandise in the retail store.
  • Each 36 inch round folding table is sturdy and easy to set up.
  • Folds flat for a compact storage.
  • Unfinished MDF table board can be painted or stained in various colors per individual requirement.
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