The Grill Gauntlet Glove: Your Ultimate Protection Against Heat and Flames


The Grill Gauntlet Glove: Your Ultimate Protection Against Heat and Flames
Our excellent Grill Gauntlet Glove, designed to provide unrivaled protection for your hands in high-temperature environments. This cutting-edge product combines heat insulation leather with flame retardant Kevlar threading, offering you a reliable shield against heat, flames, and sparks. Whether you are a professional chef or a passionate grilling enthusiast, the Grill Gauntlet Glove is your go-to companion for safe and enjoyable cooking experiences.

Our hot merchandise of 06.2023 GRILL GAUNTLET GLOVE (2 PCS), FLCS-202225. Find it on
FLCS-202225, Grill Gauntlet Glove (2 pcs)
  • Our Grill Gauntlet Glove is comfortable, flexible, and provides the highest protection for your hands.
  • Durable Kevlar ensures insulation stays in place for maximum protection against flame, heat and steam.
Item No. FLCS-202225
Product name Grill Gauntlet Glove (2 pcs)
Category Gas Lighters & Grilling
Size 25 x 18 cm
Material Kevlar, heat insulation foam ,polyester
Feature Heat insulation leather along with flame retardant Kevlar threading protects your hands from exposure to heat, flames, or sparks
Color Black
Standard packing 2 PCS (L,R)/ PE Bag 60 SETS/ CTN
Loading port Shen Zhen
Remarks -
The Grill Gauntlet Glove has been meticulously designed to offer a perfect balance between protection and flexibility. The design allows you to maintain a firm grip on your grilling tools while maneuvering effortlessly. You no longer have to sacrifice comfort for safety; the Grill Gauntlet Glove has got you covered.
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