Popular Material Used For Furniture - MDF Board


MDF Board
Medium-density fiberboard, usually abbreviated as MDF board, is one of the perfect materials for furniture manufacturing. People recycle the sawdust and wood fiber obtained from other wood product manufacturing process, and then mix them with wax and resin under high temperature as well as high pressure. Generally, the density of MDF board is between 600kg/m3 and 850 kg/m3 and the thickness of MDF board can be cut from 2mm to 30 mm.

The advantages of the MDF board

1. With smooth surface, it can be painted or engraved in any kinds of pattern. There's no need to worry about visible wood knots or rough feeling by touching.
2. As a material of furniture, it’s fairly durable and long-term using.
3. Compared with plywood, the cost of the MDF board is affordable.

MDF Board

Considering the above-listed advantages, Flywell has many products using MDF board and all of them are approved by CARB. For example: various kinds of slatwall stand, conference table, DIY free standing shelving, coffee table(FL027SCT-S-H670FL027TCT-R-H450FL027SCT-R-H670), 4 tier storage shelving(FLRA-RA-03002-0), wine rack(FLTYS-ADA-SB0056-6, FLTYS-ADA-SB0056-12).

In addition, Flywell combines MDF board and pine wood to create many sturdy products for those customers who like to use real wood product but have limit budget, such as our A-frame display rack, 3 panels display shelves, pegboard stand, jewelry display case. And the reason why we choose pine wood is its properties in resisting swelling and shrinking.

Aside from these materials, Flywell also provide another material choice. To meet economic benefit, customers can substitute MDF board with particleboard for some of our products. Want to know more details? Just send mails to sales@flywell.com.tw right away!