Flywell International Corp.

Flywell International Corp was founded in 1985 by Richard Hsu in Taipei, Taiwan. From a 250-sqaure ft. office and 2 desks to professional production, sales, marketing, and administrative departments, Flywell International Corp has consistently experienced strong growth by the impressive expertise in integrating supply chain in Taiwan for global customers. Richard named the company Flywell, flying the business well across borders. In the 30 years, our well received outdoor accessories, display fixtures, and shelving systems have been delivered to over 20 countries and millions people in the world.

Wire Grid Panel Taiwan Manufacturer | Flywell Corp.

Flywell International Corp. is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of wire grid panel, wire grid stands, with distribution across the globe. We guarantee the quality of our grid tower, versatile storage furniture, since we deal only with authorized and reliable wire grid panel, wire grid stands manufactures. The parts you buy from us will fit your needs perfectly. We have a team of quality analysts who are highly qualified and experienced. They check the quality of these products on various parameters to ensure their utility in various sectors.
Wire Grid Stands and Slat Grid Stands Manufacturer

Flywell International Corp. is a professional manufacturer of gridwall display stands in Taiwan. We offer 2 different kinds of grid panels, which are popular for most retailers because of their versatile display system. Both slat grid panels and wire grid panels can be used as wall display or be built into a freestanding shelf.

Great for displaying merchandise almost anywhere in a store


Metal Wire Square Grid Wall Panel

  • Customers will love your displays of products when you use this Wire Grids Panels to showcase them!
  • Featured in a sleek black finish, this Grid Section will look great in almost any setting you put it in, and will easily sell your products.
  • Also featuring wires spaced out every 3", this wire grid section well be both attractive and durable.
  • The double wire on the sides gives this panel extra strength and support.
  • Accessorize and complete your displays with any gridwall accessories.
  • FL01843100

    Metal Wire Slat Grid Panels

  • Slatwall Panels are very handy when creating wall displays.
  • It is great for almost any size items or accessories.
  • It features in a sleek Chrome finish that looks clean and professional, but is also available in black or white if you choose.
  • Hard to make displays is now a thing of the past with these Slatwall Panels
  • It can accept Slatwall or slatwall fixtures, which are all sold separately.
  • Made of sturdy wires that are spaced in sets of 2 with a large space in between each set, which gives the unit a sleek and stylish look.
  • FL01840127

    T-Shape Gridwall Panel Legs Display

  • T-Shape Gridwall Panel Legs Display is a convenient way for you to easily build displays.
  • These Standing Gridwall Shelf are simple, versatile & portable merchandisers that will easily help to sell your products.
  • The Unit includes one 24''W x 6'H grid panel and 1 set of grid legs.
  • Tailor your display to your needs by accessorizing with our wide assortment of wire grid brackets, shelves, and peg hooks.
  • FL01860156

    Triangle Wire Gridwall Panel Tower

  • Make maximize use of the space in your retail shops with our freestanding gridwall stand.
  • This stand complete with 3 gridwall panels, connecters and triangular gridwall base.
  • The freestanding gridwall stand measures 76 inches high, working well with different types of accessories and providing enough room to display your products.
  • This set of freestanding gridwall panels with base allows your customers to browse your products from different directions at once.
  • FL01860158

    4-Way Gridwall Tower Display

  • Put first class selling power behind your merchandise with this attractive, versatile 4-Way Gridwall Fixtures.
  • This Fixtures comes complete with a Base and Casters, which makes assembly simple and easy.
  • Measuring 6-1/2' off the ground this unit is great for a great number of accessories.
  • This Gridwall unit includes 4 grid panels, connectors and base with casters.
  • The bottom of this unit measures 36" x 36".
  • FL01860257

    Gridwall Gondola Floor Display Stands

  • Flywell's gridwall gondola floor diseffortlessly play stands will sell your merchandise in a flash.
  • Coming along with a gridwall gondola base and casters, our gridwall floor display has flexibility and mobility, allowing store owner or manager to arrange the store fixtures and products.
  • Paired with various kinds of accessories like shelves, brackets, faceouts, peg hooks and hangrails, our gridwall display stands can promote a wide range of item such as bags, clothes, toys, groceries and consumer electronics.
  • FL01843127

    T-Shape Slatgrid Panel Legs Display

  • Conserving space in a showroom is a must for displaying all of your merchandise in an orderly fashion!
  • Keep your products and merchandise organized with this Black Slatwall Stand!
  • This Stand will help to keep things organized for tight retail spaces or to enhance your existing slat grid display.
  • Choose this black Slatwall Stand to add dimension and height to your showroom, along with a stylish appearance, thanks to the beautiful black finish.
  • Measuring 2' x 6', this Grid Section provides a large amount of extra space for you to display your merchandise on.
  • Great for attaching slatwall accessories such as peg hooks, baskets, or shelves.
  • FL01860456

    3 Sided Wire Slat Grid Panel Tower

  • Display your various products in style with this Triangle Slatwall Tower!
  • This Unit comes complete with a Base and Casters, 3 Grid Panels, and appropriate connectors.
  • Sold in a stylish black finish, this tower unit will look great anywhere in your store!
  • Measuring 24'' x 24'' x 24'' x 6-1/2' tall, this unit has plenty of extra room that will add to your showroom’s space.
  • FL01860458

    4 Sided Retail Slatgrid Clothing Display

  • Sell your merchandise in style with this 4-way Slatwall Shelf!
  • Coming in a sleek black finish, this Slatwall Tower will look great in any setting you put it in.
  • This attractive and versatile Tower is great for holding any large number of accessories, and will dramatically increase the space that you have available.
  • This unit includes 4 Slatwall panels, connectors, and base and casters.
  • The overall size of the Slatwall unit is 36'' x 36'' x 6-1/2' tall.
  • FL029GAT486

    Black Grid Gondola Units With Base

  • Flywell's black grid gondola units are a cost-effective, versatile and popular display option for those who need to reposition their store fixtures and products anytime.
  • The classy look of our grid gondola units will blend seamlessly with other display fixtures in your store.
  • Pairing with a variety of accessories, our black grid gondola can accommodate and display all shapes and sizes of item like bags, clothes, home decorations, consumer electronics and groceries.
  • FL01830201

    Black 9-Cube Metal Grid Wire Storage

  • With compact configuration, versatile storage solution and attractive design, Flywell's stackable storage cubes is perfect for using in retail stores, kid's room, garage.
  • The modular storage cubes are built with 32 mini grid panels and plastic grid connectors, which interlock the wire panels together.
  • The storage cubes are suitable for those who want to build their own store displays or storage solutions.
  • Flywell International Corp. has consistently leveraged the combination of our partners’ technologies with our own existing know-how and manufacturing capabilities to provide high-quality wire grid panel, wire grid stands to customers. We also make sure that defect fewer products reach to our clientele at cost-effective method. We also follow ethical and see-through business policy with our clients in order to ensure the horizontal running of business relation. We develop energy-effective, reasonable price, easy-to-operate and durable grid tower, versatile storage furniture that tends to cater to the demands of optimum performance.