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Flywell International Corp was founded in 1985 by Richard Hsu in Taipei, Taiwan. From a 250-sqaure ft. office and 2 desks to professional production, sales, marketing, and administrative departments, Flywell International Corp has consistently experienced strong growth by the impressive expertise in integrating supply chain in Taiwan for global customers. Richard named the company Flywell, flying the business well across borders. In the 30 years, our well received outdoor accessories, display fixtures, and shelving systems have been delivered to over 20 countries and millions people in the world.

Gas Lighter Professional Taiwan Supplier | Flywell Corp.

For more than 30 years, Flywell International Corp. has been committed to providing gas lighter, gas lighters of the highest quality and greatest value to its customers. Our gas lighter is fabricated using premium quality materials that are tested for their efficiency and durability. If you have questions concerning our gas lighter, gas lighters, please feel free to get in touch with us.
Gas Lighters Manufacturer

With Flywell’s gas lighters, you can easily light a gas lighter or a charcoal grill. We offer a wide selection of butane gas lighters and butane torch lighters, featuring its durable quality and long-lasting performance.


Mini Disposable Butane Lighter

  • Flywell's mini butane lighter features its colorful plastic body and durable chrome wand.
  • It measures 6-1/2 inches in length, allowing you easily use it with one hand.
  • With flame adjusting switch and child-resistant mechanism, our mini butane lighter is easy and safe to use.
  • FL-2126

    7-Inch Disposable Butane Lighter

  • Flywell's small butane lighter is suitable for lighting grills, fireplace and candles.
  • Its chrome barrel keeps your hands away from the flame.
  • Plus, each comes with a lever to adjust the flame and a fuel-level viewing window for convenient use.
  • Our disposable butane lighter is small enough to use with one single hand and to store away with ease.
  • FL-2157

    9-Inch Disposable Butane Lighter

  • Our disposable butane lighter is perfect for lighting hard to reach places and keeping your fingers away from the heat with 9 inches long barrel.
  • A flame adjusting switch makes it convenient to use.
  • Our bbq butane lighter also comes with child-resistant mechanism for safety use.
  • FL-2157L

    Handheld Disposable Gas Lighter

  • Measuring 7 inches in length, Flywell's butane lighter is small enough for easy storage and carriage, perfect for outdoor activities.
  • It can be used with one single hand. Rounded nozzle and flame adjusting switch make it easy to light candles, bbq grills and make a campfire.
  • FL-2123RL

    Long Reach Refillable Click Lighter

  • Use Flywell's click lighter to ignite lanterns, grills, fire pits and candles.
  • With long-reach chrome barrel, our click lighter keeps your hands safe from the flame.
  • There's a flame adjusting switch and fuel-viewing window on its red plastic body for convenient use.
  • FL-2115A

    Refillable Household Gas Lighter

  • When you're preparing bbq grill or heading to outdoor activities and need to start a fire, Flywell's refillable butane gas lighter is an essential tool for most ignition.
  • Our butane gas lighter features instant flame by piezo-electric ignition.
  • Chrome barrel keeps your hands away from the flame.
  • FL-2115

    Refillable BBQ Grill Butane Lighter

  • Flywell's refillable bbq lighter is a practical tool for lighting candles, lanterns and bbq grills.
  • Adjust the flame by moving the switch and know when you need to refill the butane gas by watching the fuel-viewing window.
  • With long barrel and round nozzle, our refillable bbq lighter keeps your hands safe from the heat.
  • FL-2128

    Refillable BBQ Click Lighter

  • Flywell's refillable lighter is built with long chrome barrel for durable and safe use, keeping your fingers away from the flame.
  • The design of flame adjusting lever allows you to ignite candles, fire places or bbq grills in an efficient way.
  • With this refillable lighter, you no longer have to throw away your empty lighter and because of the fuel-viewing window, it is easy to know when it's time to refill the gas.
  • FL-2157I-B

    Silver Refillable Butane Lighter

  • Combining child-resistant mechanism with flame adjusting switch, our refillable butane gas lighter is an efficient and practical way to start a fire or ignite bbq grills.
  • Made of durable plastic body and chrome finished barrel, our gas lighter keeps your fingers safe from the flame.
  • FL-2157P-TB

    Outdoor Windproof Gas Lighter

  • Use Flywell's 12 inches long windproof lighter to keep your hands safe from the fire places while you're igniting a bbq grill or starting a fire.
  • It is built with flame adjusting and windproof design, perfect for camping and other outdoor activities.
  • With fuel-viewing window, it’s user-friendly and easy to know when you have to refill the gas.
  • FL-2164

    Aluminum Gas Candle Lighter

  • Flywell's gas candle lighter is suitable for stove, bbq grill and candle ignition.
  • Long black nozzle makes it easy to access the hard to reach places and keeps your fingers away from the flame.
  • Our gas candle lighter features its child-resistant mechanism and flame adjusting switch for safety use.
  • FL-2163

    Butane Gas Cooking Lighter

  • Flywell's gas cooking lighter features durable aluminum body, chrome barrel and child-resistant mechanism.
  • It's user-friendly to know when you have to refill the butane gas by checking the fuel-viewing window.
  • Our gas cooking lighter is a safe and efficient way to light stove, grill and fire pit.
  • FL-3003

    Red Refillable BBQ Butane Lighter

  • Flywell's 15 inches long bbq lighter is an excellent solution when you're troubled with burnt fingers.
  • With long barrel and round nozzle, this refillable bbq lighter keeps you safe away from the flame.
  • Built with fuel-viewing window, it's easy to monitor the gas level and to know exactly when to refill.
  • FL-2157K

    BBQ Lighter With Flexible Barrel

  • Flywell's barbecue lighter features flexible barrel and round chrome finished nozzle, allowing you to light candles, fire pits and those hard to reach places.
  • Adjustable flame fits to your various lighting needs and child-resistant mechanism is designed for safe use.
  • It's refillable and eco-friendly.
  • Fuel-viewing window keeps the gas level visible.
  • FL-2157Q

    Refillable Butane Charcoal Lighter

  • Our 14 inches charcoal lighter comes with flexible barrel and adjusting lever, allowing you to light those hard reach areas and keeping you at a safe distance.
  • There's a viewing window on the red plastic body, so you'll know how much fuel is left.
  • This charcoal lighter is refillable and eco-friendly compared with those lighters which have to be thrown away after it runs out of the gas.
  • FL-2157O-B

    Disposable Camping Grill Lighter

  • Built with flexible barrel and round nozzle, Flywell's disposable grill lighter is a great solution to stop burning your fingers while lighting candles, stoves and grills.
  • Coming with child-resistant button, our grill lighter is safe to use.
  • Adjusting lever helps you effortlessly control the flame size and the viewing window makes it easy to monitor how much fuel is left.
  • FL-2164RCS

    Aluminum Refillable Grill Lighter

  • Ideal for lighting campfire, bbq grill, fire pits and candles, our refillable butane grill lighter is made up of aluminum body and long flexible barrel.
  • By checking the viewing window you can know the gas level and when to refill the fuel.
  • The design of adjusting lever allows you to control the flame size per your personal needs.
  • FL-3204

    Refillable Butane Torch Lighter

  • Gas Lighters is one of our main products, featuring its durable quality and long-lasting performance.
  • Besides that, we also offer Telescoping Fork, Wire Spinner Display Rack, Camp Grill and Grid panels with reasonable price.
  • Used to light burners or pilot lights on propane, butane, natural gas or gasoline stoves, heaters or barbecues.
  • Located within the handle, is completely sealed and is impervious to water, making it ideal for campers or backyard chefs.
  • With our advance research on a day to day needs of the consumer, our products are at the front. We are best in the manufacturing of gas lighter, gas lighters. Our strict inspections and testing have ensured that all our gas lighter, gas lighters achieve a high level of performance even in harsh conditions. We strive to provide the same level of service to our clients as our products enable our clients to provide. This means we will customize orders, negotiate fairly, and it means that we look forward to working with you!