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16 oz ball peen hammer


16 oz Ball Peen Hammer With Wood Handle

Commoly used for striking chisels, punches, or for riveting, shaping, and straightening unhardened metal, our 16 oz ball peen hammer comes with an easy-to- grip contoured handle, which is made of hickory wood. The whole head of the ball peen hammer is polished for a beautiful look and securely attached with epoxy bound or wedges.

Item No. FLGB-1003
Product name 16 oz Ball Peen Hammer With Wood Handle
Category Hand Tools
Size 4OZ (112g) 171mmL
8OZ (225g) 297mmL
12OZ (337g) 297mmL
16OZ (450g) 353mmL
24OZ (675g) 408mmL
32OZ (900g) 408mmL
40OZ (1125g) 408mmL
48OZ (1350g) 408mmL
Material Medium-carbon steel, American Hickory Handle
Surface finish Fully Polished, Black painted
Feature High-frequency induction hardening
Hammer head fixed by epoxy glue
Color Silver
MOQ 5000
Standard packing 24 pieces/carton
Loading port Taiwan

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