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Practical Display for Trade Show - Stackable Wire Basket, metal wire rack

Practical Display for Trade Show – Stackable Wire Basket, metal wire rack
Choosing a suitable display for your products will do more with less and in the meantime help you catch potential customers’ attention.

Flywell’s stackable wire basket (FL016SSWB) can help you organize your products failed to be hung and to stand in order. Consisting of one main wire panel and two side wire panels, our stackable wire baskets are quick and easy to set up. After dissembling all the parts, you can ship the product in a space-saving manner. The design of the sloping front keeps merchandise in place and easy to access. The quantity of the wire divider can be added to better organize your merchandises or be removed for your personal storage needs. You can even attach the wire dividers to anywhere in the wire baskets.

If the space of your booth is limited, you may consider our metal wire rack (FL020WPD). Like stackable wire basket, the metal wire rack features the function of folding inward to save the space during the shipment. A wire clip, ideal for holding card boards or sign cards, is on the top of the wire rack.

Aside from these two displays, Flywell also provide exhibition displays in a wide range of style and material. If you want to build your own product display, welcome to contact us via e-mail, our engineering team is happy to provide our best support.

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