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Practical Display for Trade Show - Wooden Stackable Stool

Practical Display for Trade Show - Wooden Stackable Stool
Booth design is a key point for attending a trade show, so exhibitors usually spendt a lot of money to have their booth decorated. However, compared with the booth decoration which need to be dismantled at the end of the exhibition, Flywell’s wooden stackable stool, built with distinctive design and made for long-lasting using, is more cost-effective and raise more promotional effectiveness.

To save shipping cost and storage space, Flywell’s wooden stackable stool (FLRH-WC-T40H), as a knock-down furniture, is built of four pieces wooden boards, made of pine wood, and can be painted or veneered for customers’ need.

When moving these two magazine shelves to the show center, the feature of small measurement and light weight can save your effort and shipping cost. Other Flywell's products also have similar advantages, welcome to watch our next article for more exhibition displays.

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