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Practical Display for Trade Show - Floor Spinner

Practical Display for Trade Show - Floor Spinner
During every trade shows and exhibition, do you know what makes your booth stand out in a sea of similarity and effectively attract your target audiences’ attention? It is the design of your booth and the way to display your products. Now let Flywell’s floor spinner help you deal with this task for you!

Flywell has designed various kinds of floor spinner. The floor spinners consist of durable steel and the color can be changed by chrome plated or powder coated. The basic type of floor spinner (FL01015074/FL01860108) is designed for easy transportation between warehouses and exhibition halls. Its steel tube is mostly separated into two sectors and the base can be folded as well. Adding casters is also smart if you need ones. Similarly, the revolving stand (FL02048PPR/FL02072PPR) can also be moved to the exhibition booth in a space-saving manner. Featuring 4 tiers of basket, our basket display (FL01860314) is absolutely a decent choice for some products that couldn’t be hung on.

Interested in knowing more about other essential exhibition displays? Keep following our upcoming news.

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