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Is it hard to find an Ideal storage shelving?

Is it hard to find an Ideal storage shelving?
Trust me, it’s easy to build your own storage shelving, both satisfying your personal habit and being adjusted to accommodate various kinds of item, once you have Flywell’s basket rack and follow the below steps to assemble it.

There is only 2 steps to assemble the basket rack.
First, use the rubber mallet to knock four cross supports onto both top and bottom of two rack frames.
Second, complete your basket rack by inserting the baskets.

Aside from the combination with the baskets, the basket rack can be stacked on another one to increase more storage space. We also provide additional hooks and hangrail rod, which can be added between two basket racks to hang your garments of all kinds, instead of looking for another wardrobe. With adjustable feet, it can adapt to uneven floor and prevent any scratches on the floor. What’s more, the wire mesh design can effectively reduce dust build-up.

Compared with wooden closet or rack, consisting of steel boards, Flywell's basket racks have flexibility and mobility. It can not only be used as documents storage drawers in the office, but also as toys divider baskets in the kid's room, and even perfect for bedrooms to store clothing. Don’t skip over this versatile and inexpensive basket rack.

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