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Great Storage Solution

Great Storage Solution
Having been bothering by your room filled with clutter and chaos? Let Flywell’s basket rack solve the storage problems in your life.

Flywell’s basket rack is available for two heights (7 tiers/10 tiers) and two widths(45/55 cm). The first step you have to take is to pick up a suitable basket rack. Secondly, choose the baskets you prefer among three depths of baskets ( 8.5, 18.5 and 28.5 cm) according to your personal storage need. While picking up baskets, you need to pay attention that the distance between 2 tiers sliding track correspond to the depth of the smallest basket. For example, 7 tiers basket rack can accommodate seven 8.5 cm deep baskets or hold three 8.5cm and two 18.5cm deep baskets at once.

Apart from being an ideal storage rack, this basket rack can also work well with Flywell’s conference table to improve your efficiency at work or with Flywell’s DIY free standing shelving to create versatile storage space. Want to know how to assemble this item within seconds? Interested in more application of this basket rack with other accessories? Keep looking at our upcoming new article.

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