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Alternative Way To Cook Food By Camping

tri-pod grill
How do you usually cook your food when you go camping? Crowd a lot of stuff such as camping stove and fuel canisters into your car and bring them together to the campsite? Or use campfire forks to roast the food over the fire under the risk of getting hurt by the campfire? Those who have been bothered by this experience are naturally perfect to try Flywell’s tri-pod grill.

Flywell’s tri-pod grill consists of 3 galvanized steel rods and 1 nickel plated grill. There is an elastic cord in every single steel rod so that you can effortlessly assemble or store it. By the high-quality steel chain and steel plate, the grill is well connected with the steel rod. The height of the grill can be easily adjusted over the campfire.

Compared with other camping grills, tri-pod grill is your best option for outdoor activities. If you have any customized demand, such as removing the elastic cord for price-sensitive users, Flywell’s professional engineering team also has the ability and enthusiasm to meet your needs. Just write down your inquiry to us now!

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