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New Design of Pegboard Stand

New Design of Pegboard Stand
Selling various kinds of the products might bring you some troubles to choose an appropriate shelving, which can perfectly fit your store décor and accommodate all kinds your product. Flywell’s new style of the pegboard stand, combining the old pegboard stand with wood board, must lead you to find the best solution for such annoying problems.

We start from dividing the original pegboard panel from 2 large MDF boards into 4 pieces of small MDF boards. There is a gap between the small MDF boards so that we can put the long board, which is also made of MDF and framed by pine wood. This combination enables your offerings that failed hung by hooks to be directly presented on the wood shelves.. Whether with base and cover or not, the new style of the pegboard stand can be built in many ways, just the same as the old style, so the new style of the pegboard stand can fit any room and any place..

No matter which style of the pegboard stand you're looking for, we can produce it after we get your order. If you're interested in this multifunctional pegboard stand and have any customized requirement, welcome to contact with us.

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