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Our Leading Product - Pegboard Stand

Pegboard Stand
Wood pegboard stand, having different look and its unique accessories, is independent from the store display system. Because of its features and charm, pegboard stand springs to mind immediately when it comes to picking up the display fixture or storage furnishings.

The pegboard we designed is mainly made of 4 long pegboard panels. These panels are constructed of the medium-density fiberboard, consolidated with pine frame and connected by metal hinges. They can be unfolded into a free standing screen and can also be built in a square tower by adding the cover and the base.

With the hook, you can put various type of small stuff at any corner and both sides of the pegboard stand. Don’t forget to pay attention on the balance of the pegboard stand when hanging something on the unfolding pegboard screen. In fact, by creative design and appropriately allocation, pegboard screen can not only be the right place for your sundries but also look like a picture hanged on the wall, becoming a suitable furnishing in your place.

If the above introduction has attracted your attention, then move your sight into our next news article to find out another style of the pegboard stand, which might surprise you with its additional function.

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