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A Trend of Display Fixture

slatwall display stand
Slatwall display stand is renowned for its outstanding appearance and the advantage of saving space. Using slatwall display stand has become a trend to display the products.

There are various styles of slatwall display stand, such as square stand, triangle stand, gondola stand, four-way stand or a huge piece of slatwall directly nailed on the wall. Depending on your option, an aluminum bar can be added into every groove of the slatwall panel to protect panel from cracking by the long-term rubbing between the accessories and the panel. The colors of the panel we usually offer are black, white and maple. The slatwall panel can accommodate not only whole accessories of slat grid panel system but also wood boards, which can be easily assembled with brackets.

With the multifunctional combination of stand and accessories, the slatwall stand can fit any kinds of store and always do great jobs on helping your goods to catch the consumers’ attention.

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