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Spotlight on the Street – Gridwall Panels and Slatwall Gondolas

As a store owner, what is the key to attract customers? A beautiful storefront? Thousands of items? A large and bright space? Or Competitive prices? Actually, if you have some nice equipment from Flywell, that would do more with less.

Nothing would be better to display thousands of products than using Flywell's Gridwall Panel Displays: easy mobility, quick installation, multiple usages, simple and durable. If you are fascinated with elegant and classical design, welcome to use our functional Slatwall Gondolas as shoe racks, clothing racks or other fashion accessory displays.

Of course, don't forget to get Flywell's high quality Hooks, and then assemble with a stand or put it on the wall. Ranging from 2" x 4" to 2" to 8", we have multiple sizes of panels designed to meet your needs. With Flywell's displays, your store will be in the spotlight on the street.

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