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Flywell International Corp was founded in 1985 by Richard Hsu in Taipei, Taiwan. From a 250-sqaure ft. office and 2 desks to professional production, sales, marketing, and administrative departments, Flywell International Corp has consistently experienced strong growth by the impressive expertise in integrating supply chain in Taiwan for global customers. Richard named the company Flywell, flying the business well across borders. In the 30 years, our well received outdoor accessories, display fixtures, and shelving systems have been delivered to over 20 countries and millions people in the world.

We always keep a close eye on the overall production process ensuring that international norms of manufacturing are ethically followed. High quality DIY Storage furniture-Organizer, FLSH-KS002
Basket Systems & Shelves
Flywell International Corp. supplies with specification and description particularized listed for your reference.

Basket Systems & Shelves
, DIY Storage furniture-Organizer

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DIY Storage furniture-Organizer

Product Name :

DIY Storage furniture-Organizer

Description :

We are professional Shelves Manufacturer. Our Shelves are designed to meet your specific technical and performance requirements.

Meeting your unique needs. Transform any place in your home into an efficient and organized space. Flexible adjustment and changing of units whenever your needs change. Easy installation with simple tools. Available in different colors and in a variety of sizes.

Features :

Finish: White, Silver

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