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Flywell International Corp was founded in 1985 by Richard Hsu in Taipei, Taiwan. From a 250-sqaure ft. office and 2 desks to professional production, sales, marketing, and administrative departments, Flywell International Corp has consistently experienced strong growth by the impressive expertise in integrating supply chain in Taiwan for global customers. Richard named the company Flywell, flying the business well across borders. In the 30 years, our well received outdoor accessories, display fixtures, and shelving systems have been delivered to over 20 countries and millions people in the world.

Metal Wine Rack Supplier | World's Choice

Flywell International Corp. has been a leading supplier of metal wine rack, wine rack to both independent and national training organizations since 1985. In addition, we focus on innovations to help the users create masterpieces easier and with more precision. Flywell International Corp.’s metal wine rack is designed and engineered for ease of use and cost effectiveness in mind. Our quality proven range and client-centric approach have helped us in carving a niche for ourselves in the market.
Wine Rack Manufacturer

Flywell’s wine rack is the best choice and the most suitable place to store wine. What’s more, its unique and compact design make it easy to improve the atmosphere at your bar, restaurant or cellar. Now have a look at the large selection of storage wine racks as below.

Great storage helper for wine


Tabletop Single Wine Bottle Holder

Showcase your valuable and favorite wine with our tabletop single wine bottle holder. The single wine bottle holder can be placed and moved to any counter or table top for an instant display. This tabletop wine bottle holder comes with leather made base, providing enough durability and stability.


Countertop Single Wine Bottle Rack

Use our countertop single wine bottle rack to hold your favorite wine and present it to your guests effortlessly. With elegant chrome finish, our wine bottle rack can coordinate well with other furniture and will be a great addition to your countertop.


2 Bottle Modern Small Wine Rack

Flywell's 2 bottle modern small wine rack combines the stylish look of chrome finished steel with the durability of dark brown wooden base. Our small wine rack can store up to 2 standard bottles. The long wire loop design not only keeps 2 bottles of wine stored separately, but also makes it easy to grip the modern wine rack safely and take to any place without much effort


Black Metal Countertop Wine Holder

Made of steel wire, our black metal countertop wine holder combines a stylish look with space-saving convenience. The wine holder stores up to 12 bottles. Sleek and compact design makes this countertop wine holder a great addition to any studio apartment or house with small living space. Our metal wine holder is functional and essential for any flat surface area in the kitchen, dining room, or bar.


Unique Wine Storage Racks For Home

Flywell's unique wine storage racks are built of sleek and compact steel wire, especially suitable for home with limited living space. Our wine storage racks is designed to accommodate up to 12 bottles. The chic and stylish chrome finish of this unique wine racks will go well with your existing decor.


6 Bottle Chrome Wire Wine Rack

With sleek and compact design, Flywell's chrome wire wine rack is a classic way to store, organize, and showcase your wine collection and other liquor goods. Our wire wine rack features its glossy chrome finish, fitting perfectly in a kitchen decorated with contemporary accents and furnishings.


Chrome Wine Storage Holder Stand

Our wine storage holder stand store up to 6 bottles and holds your bottles horizontally to keep corks moist while ensuring your wine stays fresh for longer. Coming in glossy chrome finish, the wine holder stand blends seamlessly with any décor. The wine storage stand is perfect for flat and hard surface area in the kitchen, dining room, or bar.


3 Tier Liquor Bottle Display Shelf

Our 3 tier liquor bottle display shelf is designed to accommodate 12 bottles of your favorite wine, spirit and other alcohol drinks at once. The liquor bottle shelf features its lightweight wire structure with wave shaped leather shelves, perfect for homes with modern interiors.


Liquor Bottle Display Rack For Table

Featuring unique bubble design, Flywell's liquor bottle display rack allows you to effortlessly display your wine collection and offer your guests a quick drink. Crafted of chrome-finished steel wire, our liquor bottle rack is lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold and store up to 6 bottles of any alcohol drinks. The liquor display rack can be placed on any flat and hard surface.


9 Bottle Wire Wine Rack For Bar

Flywell's 9 bottle wire wine rack is a functional addition for bar and restaurant counter. Its bubble design makes the display of wine collection more entertaining and eye-catching. The 9 bottle wine rack also provides an effortless storage solution for your liquor goods, keeping them horizontally stored and letting corks stay moist for longer freshness.


12 Bottle Modular Wine Storage Rack

Created with entertaining bubble design, our 12 bottle modular wine storage rack is great for displaying your favorite wines, champagnes and other liquor goods on any counter. The modular wine rack is built of chrome finished steel and designed to accommodate up to 12 standard bottles.


Wooden And Metal Wine Bottle Holder

With its stackable design, Flywell's wooden and metal wine bottle holder is a practical storage solution for your wines, spirits, and other alcohol drinks. The MDF frames provide additional durability and stability while the metal part adds a stylish of touch. The metal wine bottle holder is built for holding 6 bottles of wine at once.


Metal Stackable Wooden Wine Racks

Elegant stackable wine racks for wine storage and display at any home, kitchen, countertop, or bar table. Each of metal wine racks can be used alone or stacked. Horizontal storage keeps the corks moist and wine fresh. Made of MDF and chrome finished steel, each of our stackable wooden wine racks is built to hold a total of 12 bottles at once.


4 Bottle Horizontal Stacking Wine Rack

Use Flywell's 4 bottle horizontal stacking wine rack to maximize the storage space and effectively display your wine collection. The horizontal wine rack allows the corks to keep moist and wine to stay fresh. Our stacking wine rack is built of chrome-finished steel, featuring an elegant look and lightweight construction.


Metal Tabletop Wine Storage Rack Tower

Add a touch of style to your kitchen, home or bar with Flywell’s metal tabletop wine storage rack tower. Our metal wine rack is designed to safely house your wines. Beautiful chrome finish makes this wine rack tower a great addition to any table or counter top.


Liquor Bottle Store Display Organizer Shelving

Our liquor bottle display organizer is a great addition to home, bar or restaurant. The liquor store shelving is composed of steel structure with leather shelves, providing enough strength to hold 8 bottles of wine at once. With classy appearance and compact size, our liquor bottle organizer can fit in any occasion.


Alcohol Liquor Bottle Holder Shelf

Display and make your wine collection easy to access with Flywell's alcohol liquor bottle holder shelf. The liquor shelf is great for any flat and hard surface like table or counter. Our alcohol bottle holder is made of chrome finished metal, featuring a long-lasting using. Its wire structure keeps your wine bottles securely stored and allows you to move it around with ease.


Narrow Table Top Wine Display Rack

Effectively show off your wine collection with our narrow table top wine rack. Measuring 19.5 cm wide and 59.5 cm high, this wine display is great for any table or bar counter. Built of sleek chrome finished wire, our narrow wine rack accommodates up to 4 liquor bottles without taking up too much space of your table. On the top is a curved wire handle, allowing you to move this table top wine rack around easily.


Tall Narrow Metal Wine Rack

Keep your wine collection organized and easy to find with our tall narrow metal wine rack. The tall wine rack is designed to house o 6 standard bottles at once. Our tall narrow wine rack features 6 leather shelves, which can hold the bottles securely. The tall metal wine rack is great for any flat ground at home or in any commercial areas.


Vertical Metal Standing Wine Rack

Store and display up to 12 bottles in two parallel rows of loop, our vertical metal standing wine rack creates a functional and eye-catching addition to home. With simple and sleek look, this vertical wine rack can blend with your existing décor. On the top of two parallel loop rows are two wire handles, making it easy to move this vertical metal wine rack around.


8 Bottle Floor Standing Wine Rack

Made of sturdy steel, our 8 bottle floor standing wine rack will add a stylish touch to your home. The floor wine rack offers a space-saving way to store your wines, champagnes and other liquor goods. The floor standing wine rack is functional and essential for any flat ground in the kitchen, dining room, or living room.


Free Standing Horseshoe Wine Rack

Use our free standing horseshoe wine rack to store, organize, and showcase your wine collection. Our horseshoe wine rack securely holds 12 standard bottles. Built of chrome finished steel wire, the horseshoe rack is purposely designed with a sleek and chic look to accent any home, kitchen, dining room or wine cellar.


Liquor Bottle Display Holder Stand

Store up to 12 bottles of your wine collection, our liquor bottle display holder stand is a great way to keep your liquor goods neat and organized. The liquor bottle holder is made of sturdy steel wire, featuring a long lasting using. The liquor holder stand is purposely designed with a sleek and chic look to accent any home, kitchen, dining room or wine cellar


Metal Floor Alcohol Wine Bottle Rack

Created with a timeless arch design, our metal floor alcohol wine bottle rack adds more storage space for housing up to 28 standard bottles of your wine collection. Made of sturdy steel wire, this alcohol bottle rack is a classic way to store, organize, and showcase your wine, champagne and other liquor bottles. The metal floor wine rack is purposely designed with a sleek and chic look to accent any home, kitchen, dining room or wine cellar.


4-Tier Free Standing Adjustable Wine Rack

Flywell’s 4-tier free standing adjustable wine rack storage and organize you a wide variety of wines. Sturdy and spacious, the entire metal rack shelf has a 36-bottle capacity. The wine bottle shelf is constructed of chrome plated iron wire. Adjustable tapered locks fit your different height needs. It is ideal for kitchen/dining areas, bars, cellars and restaurants.


Large Wire Wine Rack Shelf

Maximize the storage space for your wine collection by placing our large wine rack shelf in your kitchen or wine cellar. This wine shelf is built of durable wire with glossy zinc finish. Our wine rack shelf securely holds the bottles and keeps them organized stored. The open vented design not only enables proper air circulation, preventing from the dust built up, but also allows your wine to be displayed in a visually-appealing way.


Metal Wine Bottle Rack Shelf

Flywell's metal wine bottle rack shelf has 3 shelves for holding and organizing your red, white, and blush wines. The entire metal rack shelf has a 27-bottle capacity. The wine bottle shelf is constructed of zinc plated steel wire. On the top is adorned with a piece of MDF. It is great for any flat area in the kitchen, dining room, or bar.


6 Bottle Chrome Metal Wine Carrier

Our 6 bottle metal wine carrier is a great way to take your wines, champagnes and other non-alcohol drinks to parties or special occasions. Crafted of elegant chrome finished steel wire, our wine carrier is lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold 6 bottles at once. There's a handle design on the top of 6 bottle wine carrier, allowing you to securely and effortlessly grasp the metal wine carrier

With our quality standardized and customized products like our metal wine rack, wine rack, we have earned a huge client base, spread all across the globe. For nearly 30 years it has been our passion and our mission to create metal wine rack, wine rack that make people’s lives better, easier and more fulfilling. Our clientele includes few of the top-notch names in their own field of work. Flywell International Corp. takes pride in helping customers with their inquiries, whether related to pre- or after-sales product advice, ordering, financial, technical support, or just a bit of guidance!